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Serena Williams Promotes Boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou Tennis Academy On Instagram Before US Open 2015

serena williams
Serena Williams is willing to use her star power to promote her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou’s new tennis academy on her Instagram. Seeing how he helped her rack up Grand Slam titles, she is indeed indebted to her boyfriend’s coaching!
She posted a picture of Patrick Mouratoglou’s tennis academy on Instagram and wrote: “It's ready. Future Champs are you? #Repost @patrickmouratoglou with @repostapp. @mouratoglou_tennis_academy in #Nice #frenchriviera : the best place in the world to practice and improve your game.”
Recently Serena Williams professed her love possibly for her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou on Instagram. With US Open 2015 right around the corner, Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou are aiming for Grand Slam this year!
She uploaded a picture of two lovebirds on her Instagram, bolstering the rumors about her coach.
Serena Williams, the 2015 Wimbledon champion, may be juggling multiple men! Not only is her coach-boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou still around, the world number 1 was also seen kissing Drake and dancing up a storm with Novak Djokovic.
The tennis world flipped out when, according to Times’ Live, “The 28-year-old singer and 33-year-old tennis champion were spotted kissing in the clubhouse after her victory against Victoria Azarenka in the Wimbledon quarter final.”
Is Drake replacing her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou?
The world number 1 has benefited a lot from her relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou. Seeing how she and her coach have worked hard together to build the career, they have finally decided to make their relationship public.
According to CNN, “Their trophy tally since teaming up includes a Wimbledon title, an Olympic gold medal, three U.S. Open titles, a Roland Garros title and an Australian crown, lifting her back up to the pinnacle of the women's game.”
But with Drake and Novak Djokovic around, he better watch out that his competition doesn’t double.
But seeing how the world number 1 and her boyfriend slash coach have created this special partnership, it looks like Serena Williams won’t have to fumble through Wimbledon 2015!
The world number 1 hid her relationship with her coach for the longest time, denying every rumor and speculations. But before kicking off her Australian Open 2015, she became more public about her relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou.
Do you think Serena Williams complete the Grand Slam in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

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