Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 7, 2016

Novak Djokovic to turn the switch for the hardcourt season

The Serb, 29, cut his ties with tennis for a while following his early-exit at Wimbledon.

During the first half of 2016 season, all the highlights regarding tennis achievements were mostly related toNovak Djokovic. His consistency over the various tournaments whether it was hardcourt (Doha, Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami), or clay (Monte-Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros) brought him lots of trophies and also worldwide recognition. Then, it followed Wimbledon Championships, a syncope that few saw it coming. Still the Serb remains the leader of the ATP ranking in both rankings ( ATP Tour and ATP Race). One thing needs clearing: Djokovic played only big tournaments, namely Masters 1000 and Grand Slam with one sole exception- Doha.

Rio Olympics detour.

There are many players who chose not to play in Rio due to the inappropriate date.The Olympics cuts the American hardcourt season right in two. The organisers tried to please the vast majority by choosing also a hardcourt surface to play on. On top of this Zyka virus remains a major concern. The other days, top players like Milos Raonic or Tomas Berdych officially announced that they`ll not compete in Rio. On the same page is also Simona Halep. Though, Djokovic is expected to make a glorious run in Rio. It might be his best chance to clinch the golden medal in men`s singles. As he is already heading to 30, in 4 years from now, he might be too old to accomplish something big. The Serb`s best result at the Olympics occurred back in 2008 at Beijing when he finished the third winning the bronze medal. For Djokovic, 12 times Grand Slam winner, this fact is rather unsatisfactory.
Djokovic has few things to worry about in the near future.
When it comes to future of the ATP ranking, some majors changes are unlikely to occur throughout this season. Djokovic has around 5000 points ahead of Andy Murray. Still, there is one scenario which might bring in some extra heat. In the late August, the last Grand Slam of the year will catch the attention. Although it sounds unlikely, if Djokovic will suffer one more early exit as at Wimbledon happened andAndy Murray will win the gap will come down to less than 1000 points. Last year, the Serb won at the US Open by beating Roger Federer in the final rubber thus having to defend 2000 points. Murray lost in the 4th round, so the pressure is something easier to fight with.
Overall, Novak Djokovic dominated the past years on the ATP tour like no one did. If Wimbledon was just a syncope, it`s something to be seen over the following months. The Serb has both mental and physical strength to move forward and also to win other Masters ,Majors, gold medals and so on.